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As we move into a fossil free era the importance of renewable energy storage increase. Our customers need to drive all kinds of electrical equipment without relying on fossil fuel generators or  the mains grid. For this to come true, two essential components are needed:
A) A high power battery to store energy, B) A energy efficient way of transforming battery DC power into utility AC power. (110V or 230V).


Prime Design has devoted a lot of research into this area and can now provide a rugged product series  "Prime Power" to meet this demand. This series goes way beyond traditional products on the market by optimizing the product for our customers real work situation.


This means waterproofing, crush proofing, intuitive user interface, all climates, etc. Our current portable AC batteries use the two most common battery technologies on the market today: Lithium Ion and Lithium Phosphate. The first has a higher energy to weight ratio and the second longer service life.

AC Batteries

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