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We offer the latest portable technology that reduces transport costs, saves energy and increases safety

Lighter, Brighter, Tougher 


Portable wide area lighting

The Baselight series of portable LED light towers are the most advanced in its class. This is a design invented by Prime Design to challenge the old heavy light tower technology with a modern and easy to transport light tower. The 600-series with its 95000 Lumens can easily replace a 1-ton Diesel driven light tower with only tens of kilos and a fraction of the energy needed.


Portable battery AC Power

Our water & crash proof portable Lithium battery packs deliver true AC output in the most demanding environments. With our unique design we can achieve an incredible 99% conversion efficiency,  which means less heat losses and more usable power to get the job done.


Portable solar charging 

Our portable solar charging solutions are second to none in terms of innovation. We offer the worlds only portable LED wide are lighting system BASE SOLAR as well as a wide range of other solutions for every situation.


Warning & Surveillance

Our portable surveillance and warning systems are truly unique in the industry. They rely on the proven "Base Case" platform that allows for safe transportation and robust product platform for rapid deployment.

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